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ICONS PLZPLZ!!1o1oneone!!1
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Welcome to the icon journal of hitori and hume. The idea for this journal was from when we caught a hippo that was going to fly to the moon, and we decided to go for a joy ride. hitori thought it would be interesting bringing some cheese to the moon, to see how if could survive up there. Then, after 345734957349534hours we arrived at our destination: THE MOON; SOME RANDOM CO-ORDINATES. hume wondered what the smell that lingered around us was, turned out to be a pile of cheese-eating monkey poo, which was of course the secret ingridient Mc. Donalds never wanted you to know that went into their burgers, ANYWAY, we set off on out pilgrimage to some random shrine to recieve some random Aeon because this story had no storyline so we decided to steal them from places D:. SO, here we were, trying to pray at some Temple when this monkey started chasing us, so we fought back, hitori being the Priestess and hume being the Blacksmith:
hitori casts Blessing on Hume;
hume uses all his buffs and starts attacking the monkey at 71HP per hit
MONKEY attacks hume for 133HP damage
hume uses Mammomite dealing 425HP damage
MONKEY drops, monkey poo, monkey hat, monkey fur, monkey waffle makers, monkey socks, ILOVEMONKEY t-shirt and fluff.

After that we relized that we were REALLY in some weird Television show brought to you by 21st Century FOX, so we were warped into some HUGEass world, and no one was there to save our sorry asses except for this cheese that hitori brang to see how it would survive on the moon. To our surprise, this young boy fantasised about this cheese, he wanted the cheese, he needed the cheese, and we exchanged the cheese for two overdrives: Angel Wing and Mix. We didn't know what was ahead of us, we disguised ourselves as asian whores, and partied with some people we meet at the local AnimeCON from there we headed to Midgar which seemed to be far away, but hitori used her teleport(using one bluegemstone) to send us straight there. We trained for 122 hours and 43minutes before relizing that we had acquired new garment grids, and we needed some dress spheres, we broke off from our party and headed to some random train station to acquire the mascot dress sphere. BUT, just as we slotted it into our garment grids, the cheese that the young boy exchange off us, EXPLODED, and his mother (who turned out to be some transexual pixietrixie look-a-like person who spoke in some weird Thai language which we couldn't understand because we hadn't collected enough THAI MAGAZINES o:. Our disguises didn't help anymore, as were spotted quite easily after hume spray-painted bright green hearts all over us. BUT out of no where, the flying hippo came out of no where and killed everyone with its Aeon Shifff-a which looked like some frozen giraffe looking human or something o_o. We decided to go home, back to earth, which took longer than usual because I had forgotten to sell all of my items in my inventory back in Midgar, when we arrived back to nelzelphers house we decided to make an icon journal for all your needs. KTHXBAI.