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T..the first icons in this place. :3 Comment if you are taking any. <33~! Requests are also always open!

Note: I'm sorry, the FF ones turned out pretty crappy. XD

-- 2 Final Fantasy X-2
-- 5 Final Fantasy X
-- 1 Final Fantasy VIII
-- 1 Advent Children
-- 3 Shadow Hearts III

-- 2 Gackt
-- 10 T.M.Revolution



Final Fantasy VIII

Advent Children




**Text was from a brush. Forget who made it. x_X

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Ohh very lovely icons! ♥_♥
I adore your icons....they are just amazing!!!! I love the Tidus one....thanks a bunch!!!!
Aww, thank you! :3 <33
Wow, they're really beautiful!!
(~~; 3;` )~~ Still jealous! XD
also took the second gackt <3

nice job!!! they look great *.*
These are all gorgeous! The colors and the misty effect really stand out.
Not taking any but you have some amazing icons! I love your work!

Might I ask what fonts you used in the Rinoa one? ^_^;
Impact! XD Default. :3
Love icons, and the layout for the community it just... OMG!
Awesome icons~~~ Took the first FFX one. Creeeeedit will be given, of course.
snagged the Lenne icon :D Beautiful work!

Your Gackt icons make me extremely happy too.
wow, those are gorgeous <33 may I ask what script fonts you used for the SH3 icons?
Carpenter ICG ^^
Aww, all your icons are wonderful. And I snagged the Advent Children icon.

o_o;.. OMG. There is a SH3?! Geeeez... ><

Btw, I adore the FFX icons. <3 :)
uuuh!! *_* will grab the Kadaj icon and credit when used.
Pretty pretty colors! I took both Gackts (naturally!) and I'll credit you!
Took some FFX and TMS! Beautiful! XD
I'm taking some. Very gorgeous.